How It Works



Pick your Project

Grab your group, or escape for some alone time to the studio! Choose your project from over 100 different items in the studio from pottery painting to beading.

On average projects are about $18-$20, however we have items starting at low as $4 all the way to $65. We are all inclusive so no additional studio fees will apply as well as no price lists as our items change weekly.


Pick your Tools

Once you have your project and a table, one of our Creative Directors will go over the tools needed to make it fabulous.

We have specialized beading tools (instructions sheets, mats, etc) as well as Glazes (only for pottery) and Acrylics to choose from. Your Creative Director will go over your options, show you examples and help assist with any other tools needed such as pencils, stencils and more!


Make Something!

It's that easy!

Once your project is complete we will let you know whether you can take it home the same day (Beading/Canvases/Door Hangers/Anything else done in Acrylics) or if it will have to stay at the studio to be Glazed and Fired. Current turnaround is one week after 2pm. So if you paint Saturday, pick up the next Saturday after 2! Have more questions? Feel free to call us or stop in. We can't wait to have you Make Something with us.